Vicente Riego Corujedo


MSc Engineering Geology (Complutense University of Madrid).MSc Natural Hazards and Disaster Management (University of Oviedo).

He has worked for several years in private and independent engineering companies in Spain (Tecnia Ingenieros, Euroconsult), as Engineering Geologist, in  the supervision and reporting of geological-geotechnical investigations (for all kind of projects like construction and designing of buildings, tunnels, motorways and railway works), and as a quality control laboratory manager, studying the quality and strength of materials used in such constructions, to build in a secure way. Since  2012, he has taken part in the Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree in Public Health in Disasters, as professor of natural hazards.

Expertise areas: Natural Hazards, Geology, Geotechnics, Quality Control.


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