4. Timetable

The EMJMDPHID course lasts two academic years from October to August divided in 4 periods.
Period 1  (September to February) will be held at the Universidad de Oviedo (Oviedo, Spain) where all students will receive the courses containing the common core disaster elements. Then students will have Period 2 (March-December) wich is a mandatory mobility according to their assigned specialization study track and also inlcude a preparation for internship and Master Thesis:

  • The track in Public health response to disasters will be held at Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm, Sweden) and is developed to serve the educational need of disaster related professionals planning to work in disasters health response as well as those with previous experience from this field.
  • The track in Epidemiology and Research in Disasters  will be held at University of Nicosia (Nicosia, Cyprus) and the students will follow the Advanced Disaster Epidemiology, Statistics and Research Methods module. The advanced research methodological module is aimed for the disaster related professionals interested in disaster research or in academic and educational aspects.

In Period 3 (January-March) students will continue their respective advanced modules according to study track focus plus a hands-on, practical internship at any of the universities or associated centres included in the program, in which they will collect the data for their Masters Theses and the Master’s Thesis presentation. The following table summarized the timetable of activities of the Master. Finally in Period 4 (April-August) students will prepare, submit and defend their Master Thesis.

Activity Period
Common Disaster Core Component (Evaluation, management and disaster risk reduction, types of disasters and general response to disasters) at University of Oviedo End September – February
Specialisation Track on Public health response to disasters at Karolinska Institute or Epidemiology and Research in disasters at University of Nicosia March – October
Preparation for Internship and Master Thesis November – December
Internship January – March
Master Thesis April – August