Abdul Baten, Pedro Arcos González, Rafael Castro Delgado. Natural Disasters and Management Systems of Bangladesh from 1972 to 2017: Special Focus on Flood. OmniScience: A Multi-disciplinary Journal. 2018; 8(3): 35-47p.



Bangladesh is one of the disaster prone areas of South Asia as well in the world, because of its geographical characteristics, complex topographical features, mighty rivers system, monsoon climate and the coastal morphology. Since 1972 the country has experienced total 297 natural disasters. Of them flood and storm are common disasters which represents 47.47%and 28.96% respectively of the total disasters. More or less each and every year Bangladesh has been experiencing the disaster flood and since 1972 total 86 floods occurred in Bangladesh which killed total 42279 people. But it’s a good news that the trend of deaths by this disaster have been decreasing because the Government of Bangladesh have taken different steps such as flood action plan, flood management model study, flood hydrology study, flood forecasting and warning study, national water policy, national water management plan, irrigation and drainage projects, construction of flood embankments and flood shelters. For the overall natural disaster management the country has institutional and regulative framework, which is monitored and implemented by different ministries and departments collaborating with different national and international organizations.
Keyword: Disaster, flood, floodplain, vulnerability, trend, management, framework




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