Yew Y, Castro Delgado R, Arcos González P. A New Approach towards Hurricane Risk Reduction and Preparedness, Based on Near-Real-Time Impact Analysis: Hurricane Dorian Bahamas 2019. Int J Scient and Engineering Research 2020; 11 (4), April-2020: 722-729


Abstract— Hurricanes are usually measured using wind speed intensities. The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, which is currently being used in the United States and The Bahamas, mainly for a hurricane emergency response and preparedness for evacuation. However, it does not quantify the humanitarian needs at the point of impact or estimates the losses prior to the Hurricane landfall. This is a real challenge for various stakeholders in decision, and policymakers, especially in risk reduction and preparedness. The aim of this new concept approached towards an analysis of the Hurricane Dorian Bahamas Risk Reduction and Preparedness in measuring its’ humanitarian impact. This was done by using the baseline ability to cope within local capacity, which includes the vulnerability and exposure population indicators, underpinned the definition of hazard or disaster in the new disaster metrics tool titled ‘The YEW Disaster Metrics’. The near-real-time new concept analysis was submitted to the national and regional disaster authorities’ on 6th September, 2019, within 72hours of the landfall.

Keywords— Dorian Bahamas, Dorian Impact, Disaster Severity Index, Hurricane Preparedness, Hurricane Wind Scale

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